Musical Mash-Up 7/27 8:00pm

Musical Mash-Up 7/27 8:00pm
$14 online*/ $18 at the door if not sold out
Ages 16+

Musical Mash-Up takes a suggestion from the audience for each and every scene! Your suggestion inspires a scene that inevitably turns into an improvised song! Come out and get ready to shout them out!

This will be LIVE at our 2643 N High St location

*The Nest Theatre is now a cashless operation. Payment will be handled by card, or exact change. Thanks!

Improv isn’t just great for performance, it is perfect for helping with public speaking, team-building, or just generally being a more open and positive person. Sign up for a class and see for yourself!

*Online ticket sales for this show close at 6:45pm. If it is after 7pm on day of show, call 614-929-5545 to see if the show is fully sold out.

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