Improv For Couples at Nest Creative 2/13 7:00pm

Improv For Couples at Nest Creative 2/13 7:00pm
$40 per couple

This is the perfect way to strengthen or reconnect your relationship! Improvisation and relationships are rooted in the same beneficial skills: listening, support, and play. Not only will this one-day class be fun, but it will provide easy improv building blocks to take with you and apply to your own life! Our goal is to have you walk away from the class with a deeper connection, an open mind, and a smile. Say “yes, and” to your relationship and try improv with your significant other, with no pressure to be a performer. Make this Valentine’s gift one that actually makes a difference and cause beautiful, fun connection.

No improv experience necessary! Beginners welcome and encouraged.

**Only ONE ticket required per couple – must advance purchase – All couples welcome!

Class runs 7-9pm. Doors open at 650pm for 7pm class start. Glass of wine, soda, or water included in ticket purchase, too!

Writing For Late Night

Writing for Late Night
Instructors: DeFrancisco, Rizzutto, Price
Designed in 2016 from Chicago/NYC experience, Writing for Late Night is here! A six night commitment to the craft all in one crunch – to feel the intensity of the artform and be part of a live writing team with on your feet practice in real time!
In this course, we will teach you framework and structure – we will give you opportunities to write Monologue Jokes, Desk bits, characters, interactive pieces, and how to showcase your guest stars.  Night 5 is our Tech and Runthrough, and on Saturday night you see the show you helped create fully produced in front of a live crowd via our popular current late night show, Dave Night.
Dates: Classes Mondays & Wednesdays Feb 3, 5, 10, 12, Tech Feb 13 (Show on 15th at 930); Classes & Tech 7-830pm. Must be Nest Level 3 or beyond to participate. Must be present for all classes, tech, and show. Entry to show for you & a friend included in class registration cost!

*Online sales end at 5:00pm day of class. It will say “SOLD OUT” below until 5:00pm if there are no more tickets. 

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Level 4 Class – Tuesdays

Time to put all that prior work into practice. We’ll learn the structure of basic longforms like Armando (Storyteller), Montage/Commando, Shotgun, Bat, Monoscene, Beer Shark Mice, and WeirdAss. Rather than covering up our lousy scenework with a complex format, we’ll push our good scenework as to not get lost inside the construct of each form.

Not only that, but this level culminates in a Student Show!

Pre-requisite: Level Three, Teacher Approval
Tuesdays from 6:30-9:00pm
Jan 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11

Level 3 Class – Tuesdays

Level 3 digs deep into scene work. The relationship between the characters on stage is the most important part of the scene. Get ready to focus on two-person scenes and explore multiple ways to lock into the heart of things.

Pre-requisite: Level Two
Tuesdays from 6:30-9:00pm
Jan 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11

The Sketch Project

The Sketch Project
Sketchwriting & Performance
hosted by Andel Sudik (with assistance from Tara DeFrancisco

Second City etc performer and touring company/boatco/theatrical director, Andel, will be assisting Nesties through their first beginning sketchwriting & performance class!

Four classes will run each Tuesday evening
Jan 7, 14, 21, 28 6pm-8pm
Tech weekend will be Sat Jan 31 2-6pm & Sun Feb 1, 12-3pm,
with a 3pm mini revue on Sun Feb 1!

The idea: Developed specifically with the Nest, we’ve decided to focus upon different writing fundamentals each week – things like blackouts, group scenes, relationship driven scenes, political/satirical sketches, openings/closers – and Andel (and Tara) will walk you through the ideas and fundamentals of creating your own material. Each week you will be given homework assignments, and we will do roundtable reads on material to be pitched and combed through. Eventually, the sketches will be paired down, a few will be selected. This will be made into a small 30-45 minute revue running order by Andel & Tara, so that we can get reps on actually attempting the material on it’s feet – learning about things like chair sets, show running, and RO theory.

Beyond all the cool parts of this completely innovative course, you will have material you’ve made to keep and implement or pitch for sketch shows of your own at The Nest, as well as new tools to get you there for starting to create your own voice and work.

[At some point, we may offer an advanced course as well for those that are interested, but this course will cover quite a bit of intro material in a short amount of time. 4-weeks of a tight knit class supporting one another through homework and exciting projects, one full hardcore weekend of getting the sketches selected up to try in a safe environment to begin.]

This class will be limited to 12 people maximum for time and connection potential.

Cost: $250
12 person cap
Level 1 prerequisite required in The Nest improvisational program

*Online sales end at 5:00pm day of show. It will say “SOLD OUT” below until 5:00pm if there are no more tickets. If it is after 5:00pm call 614-929-5545 to see if the show is fully sold out

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Level 1 Class – Mondays

Welcome to the formal program of improvisational training! Whether you want to perform, be better at team work or presentation for your job, or just be more engaged with your friends and family, this is the place to start!

In this course, we’ll jump into the beautiful world of “Yes, And” and study beginning fundamentals like basic games and the advantages of collaborative group work. We’ll enjoy exercises, talk basic theory, dive into basic scenework, push through object & environment, and establish the importance of relationship and truth onstage – and have an incredible amount of fun, getting away with pretending as adults.

Mondays from 6:30-9:00pm
Jan 6, 13, 20, 27, Feb 3, 10

Level 2 Class – Mondays

In Level 2, we will begin using the idea of group play. Whether it is via shortform games (playing with pattern, heightening, pouncing on the fun), longform openings (group work, exploration of one theme together), or scenes (game of the scene), we will understand the importance of utilizing our power together and play with rather than against. Character work, both by mirroring and complementing, is also pushed in this level.

Pre-requisite: Level One

Mondays from 6:30-9:00pm
Jan 6, 13, 20, 27, Feb 3, 10

Culture Club – Workshops for Your Mind 1/2 8pm


Welcome to Culture Club: A sampler of rotational arts!
[Brought to you by The Nest | CBus Improv Theatre, host facility of Culture Club]

On random nights where there is no show programming, we are using our space to host rotational artists that help us create or learn about a project or field we want to explore. As residents of this beautiful city, we’ve found there aren’t enough novice classes for people that love to learn or explore random skills, affordably and in a collaborative space. We have the cure!

We’ve asked artists from all over CBus to join us and teach us something they know about, like a sampler platter of knowledge and fun each month.

January 2nd, we will be exploring Mantra Art: One Word paintings to focus energy for a new beginning. This excursion begins with mindfulness and meditation, a coach will lead us to focus on positive outcome and stepping into healthy space and selecting our word to paint/collage. For the hour, we will create our own one word mantra art to frame us for stepping into the new year and new decade.

Project: 2020 Mantra Art
Level: Easy

Doors open at 8pm and we start shortly thereafter / Duration: 90 minutes
You keep the board you make – all materials provided! Glass of wine included. Facilitated by Nest Creative & Culture Club, with paint liaison Bethanie Bearor. Tickets: $25 | must reserve in advance – limited spots and class cap

The Sampler: A Taste of Improv 1/2 7:00pm

The Sampler: A Taste of Improv 1/2 7:00pm

Keep hearing how great improvisation techniques are for communication, play, and general happiness? Stick your toe in the water with this short & sweet workshop! We’ll give you the overview, why it works, and play some classic games to give you a sample of why our world is so fun. Beginners only!

Great for a gift for someone you love, great for an improviser’s curious friends who see shows and would like to try it, and great for yourself for a little self-care. Think you’d like it but just a tad nervous? This is 1-hour of fun and zero pressure taught by professional performers and global trainers at our happy home.

Pre-registration ONLY – buy online to guarantee spot!

Doors open at 650pm for 7pm start time.