COVID-19 Questions

Like most of the planet, we’ve been doing our best to be as open as we can for Shows and Classes.

As of January 2023 we no longer require proof of vaccination.

Please stay safe and be smart. If you’ve been exposed, avoid the shows.

Show Questions

Yes! There are parking spots outside, we have space available for wheelchair seating, and even have video text available by request.

We prefer not to. Since re-opening in 2021, we accept card payment only.

You CAN pay with cash, but it should be the exact amount. We won’t have change.

Improv is scriptless theater. Improv is created on the spot. Improv is amazing! At The Nest you’ll find Longform improvisation; where we take one suggestion, expand and explore it, and use that exploration to inform scenes. We also do Shortform improvisation; similar to Whose Line, the improvisers perform scenes and games with twists and multiple suggestions!

Stand-Up is generally one person (sometimes more) telling pre-written jokes to an audience. For whatever reason, stand-up shows make people feel like they can heckle. Heckling isn’t something that is looked forward to by any performer. While there is a chain of Stand-Up comedy clubs called “The Improv,” improv isn’t their main focus.

As far as Acting goes, we think of acting as the art of portraying people and stories. Improvisers are Actors, but Actors aren’t necessarily Improvisers.

Generally, shows are between $10-$20. To be sure, check out all of the Show listings.

Our online tickets are usually cheaper than at the door. These tickets are limited and go offline day of the show. We will try to reserve some tickets for walk-up customers, but it is always best to buy ahead online.

Once the show starts, we will sell tickets to waiting list customers to fill empty seats, so please arrive before show start.

We have the start time posted with each show, on our show listings. Try to arrive a bit early, so we can get you seated before the show starts! If you have 4 or more in your party show up when we open to guarantee a seat together. Moving chairs is not allowed.

Doors open 30-minutes before showtime. Currently, most shows start at 8pm or 9:30pm, with some exceptions.

We have beer, wine, and some liquor. As well as general concessions like soda, chips, and candy bars.

If you want a full meal, make a night of it! You’ll want to go somewhere for dinner, then head on over to The Nest.

Longform shows usually are based off one suggestion from the audience at the beginning. Shortform is loaded with opportunities for suggestions and, for some games, we may even ask for audience volunteers!

Improv is not like Stand-Up Comedy. We don’t like to single people out and pick on them. We are all in this together. Not being a stand-up show goes both ways though…heckling isn’t an improv thing.

Most of our shows are ages 16+. This is mandatory and we will not be able to allow underaged attendees into shows.

Occasionally we have shows that are suitable for 10+. Keep an eye out!

Parking is in the back or on the street. Do NOT park in The Ace of Cups lot next to Ray Rays…they will tow.

It can get pretty crowded on weekends, so if you can Lyft, bus, walk, or bike, you’ll be set.

When that fills up there is minimal street parking available.

Class Questions

Right here! If you’re even thinking about learning improv, you probably fit into one of these categories to some degree:

  1. You’ve heard about the positive benefits of group mind and collaboration.
  2. You like to be the life of the party…the class clown…making people laugh brings you joy.
  3. Your family and friends tell you that you’re funny and you should do comedy.
  4. You’re an actor looking to increase your skill range and adaptability.

Either way, you’re in the right place. If you’re itching for the stage and love the idea of performance possibilities, you can start with our Level 1 class. You’ll learn the fundamentals and be on the right path!

If improv sounds fun, but being on stage in front of a crowd seems daunting (you’re not alone), you can ALSO start at Level 1 and you’ll be fine! We’re very supportive.

Are you new to improv? Take our Classes! All of our ensemble members have gone through training with us so that we’re all on the same wavelength and speaking the same language. Do you already perform with a group in Columbus? While you’re taking classes you can also Contact Us and submit your group to possibly be part of our Troika, CAGEMATCH, or Dual Duel show slots.

Keep up with us on our Mailing List for audition notices as we add to ensembles or create new shows.

We have everyone start at Level 1 at our training center. Our program has been designed to not only reflect our specific skew towards infusing improv with heart, but also to provide new insights for experienced performers.

There is also something invaluable about the camaraderie that gets built with fellow classmates during the process.

Our 5-week classes are $195. All sales are handled online through the site and payment is necessary to book and hold your spot in class.

We have an internship program! A limited amount of students will be able to apply for an internship.

Once you’ve successfully completed Level 1 you can Contact Us and apply to be an intern for future classes.

You must be at least 18 years old to take a class at The Nest Theatre. There is no maximum age.

We have specific programs for youth and teens in the summer. We also have our Shortform Improv High School League! Contact Us today about how to get your school in the League!

We get it. Life happens. If something comes up and you can’t join the next class level, it’s ok. You can pick up where you left off as long as you wait no longer than 6-months. When you stay away from improv too long and haven’t been working basic skills, they fade away. So, you’ll be required to start back at Level 1.

There are no guarantees that you’ll become an ensemble member after completing the training program. You WILL have all of the skills we look for in ensemble members, and you’ll have great skills for life!

There are important lessons in each class. Many that build off of each other and are essential to understanding future class levels. We understand that “life” can happen, but it is important that you get all of the lessons from one level in order to move on to the next.

Students are allowed to miss one class. If you miss more than that you will need to repeat the class before moving on. Showing up later than 15 minutes into class is also considered an absence. See the Refund Policy for more details.

Yes, there are! All students of The Nest are required to start at Level 1. From there, completion of the level is typically the prerequisite to get into the next level. To get into the final class, teacher approval is also required.

We want the group to be able to advance to their maximum potential. Our attendance policy and teacher approval are in place to make sure that everyone moving on has a firm grasp of all the skills necessary.

Event Questions

Contact us and we’ll get the details from you we need. The Nest is a great space to have company meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Of course you can! Improvisational shows are perfect for any company event looking to interject some energy and entertainment. Applied Improvisation is one of the hottest business trends for team building and communication. It’s fun, it provides great take-aways, and gets everyone involved (even the engineers!).

Contact us today to get more information specifically designed for your company.